About Us

We design worlds with your audience in mind, then invite them to interact and explore.

We draw on both technology and the natural world as a source of inspiration to tell your story. Wonder can be found in all kinds of places: a sunset, a reflection, a prism. Our team of creative engineers has one goal: to leave your audience feeling as though they have stepped out of everyday life and experienced something new.

To inspire that sense of wonder.

Your venue is our sandbox. We amplify the features of any setting, be it natural or indoors, to immerse your audience in the moment.

Let's work together. Our clients are creative collaborators. We bring our years of experience and our hunger for a challenge so you can focus on your ideas without sweating the technical details.

We are Queenstown's visual production leader. We are TomTom.



 – We craft immersive multimedia worlds. No matter the size of your event, we can bring your space to life. A truly immersive experience is more than the sum of its parts, and our layered approach blurs the boundaries between technology, fantasy, and the everyday world. Whether your goal is to entertain or inform, your audience will be captivated.


- We create worlds that captivate your audience, challenge their perceptions, and redefine how they interact with your space. From concept to execution, our productions are more than just "events." We bridge the gap between a performer and the crowd to breathe new energy into corporate events and presentations. It's what we do.


- Seamless inside and out. Our integrative approach to design and delivery ensures you're working with the same professionals from concept to curtain-call.



Unit F, 67 Industrial Place
Queenstown, New Zealand

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Ph 03 442 8250

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