We push boundaries

Based out of Queenstown, New Zealand, TomTom delivers exceptional lighting, sound and multimedia experiences.

Our carefully assembled team of creatives and engineers have the skills and equipment to put on a show that is at all times professional, inimitable and utterly memorable.

We create experiences that redefine an audience's perception of what is possible.


Some would say ‘world building’ might be an ostentatious answer to “What’s your work about?” Our response to this is simple...

Have you been in one of our worlds? If you have, you’ll understand the passion and professionalism that goes into creating a wholly immersive environment – where every sight and sound can be refined and reshaped into something new, different and bold.

Yes, we obsessively build worlds. It’s an ethos that permeates through all of our event production work in Queenstown, backed by practical diligence, pragmatic expertise and years of stress-tested experience.

Having crafted our skills in the rock show arena, where everything has to be millimetre and decibel perfect, we now bring a big, bold and in control mindset to events, concerts, conferences and installations across Queenstown and Central Otago.

Our work combines artistic inspiration and audio-visual innovation. Sure, designing cohesive, creative worlds requires thinking outside the box. But you also need a realistic, can-do approach to placing the box (and projecting onto it).

Our technical background and imaginative acumen delivers the goods.


At TomTom it's simple

When it comes to the audience experience nothing less than exceptional will do. Only with diligent planning and testing can any multimedia event hit every mark. With an integrated approach to project management we work closely with a client’s team from scoping to design to delivery.

This is hugely important to us. That’s because New Zealand is a small place where reputations can be quickly grown and lost. So too is our work often undertaken in the glare of the public spotlight – so we do everything we can to uphold our good name. That’s why our ‘rock’n’roll’ is anything but rock and roll. We don’t throw screens out of hotel room windows. We instead obsess over the smallest details of audio-visual installation, programming and management.

That’s how we roll.


Capability comes through insight and output

Our clients come from big cities all around the world to this remote resort town and expect the same kind of service and technological wizardry as they would in the heart of Hong Kong or Silicon Valley.

After a TomTom event they leave with their expectations met and, more often than not, exceeded.

To achieve this high standard of work we like to get involved from the very beginning of a project, right through to closing night. That’s how we make certain the final result is both creatively unique and cost-effective, and only then can our layout and floor planning expertise help everything flow perfectly.

As a technical liaison with the venue we also provide rigorous health and safety preparation along with all necessary rigging design and load calculation.

Nothing is left to chance.

Limits are made to be pushed against.

TomTom has made a significant investment in equipment to ensure excellence in every project.

We use high-end projectors, stunning LED screens, powerful media servers and cutting-edge systems to light, project and amplify.

This isn’t a ‘high-tech for high-tech’s sake’ approach. Rather, every tool is pitch-perfect for the task required and the space it is being used in. Equally important, this equipment is controlled by expert visual production technicians. We spend hours, days and weeks researching and learning everything the gear is capable of.

Only then can we push it to the limits.


We can go further than you thought possible for a venue

When necessity is the mother of invention you’ll generally find scarcity on the family tree too.

We’ve become good at thinking outside the square because, while enjoying an abundance of talent and a wealth of scenery, there’s still a shortage of ‘traditional’ event venues in Queenstown.

So what does that mean for the event planner here? For one thing, you’ll have an incredible range of landscapes and locations to take your event from the everyday into the exceptional.

But you’ll also need the support from experienced and expert local partners – those who can bring creative insight to project scoping and technical capability that expands outlook of Queenstown’s unique spaces.

We’ve got the right gear, we can get it there, and we never lack for ideas.

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A clever idea is an empty promise without the means to execute it.

We take the idea and make it one hundred percent reliable, professional and unequivocally exceptional. Our creative mindset is a proud point of difference here at TomTom.

It’s not necessary to be bombastic for the sake of it. Instead we sculpt an experience that is at all times immersive and expansive.

It’s about giving the idea room to grow within the hearts and minds of all who experience it. And we conceptualise, visualise and realise this idea using a wide range of artistic tools.

With advanced video mapping we can project and amplify imagery and create spectacle across a huge range of display surfaces. In this way we can move crowds into immersive worlds that can be re-shaped and evolved with the push of a button.

With this layered approach any environment can be what you want it to be. It’s how you’ll take the attendee from a half-hearted shrug to an exclamation point.

The Exclamation Point

What's the exclamation point?

It’s the hairs on the back of the necks. It’s the involuntary gasps of exhilaration.

It’s every small detail that combines to deliver seconds, minutes and hours of an experience that will echo through decades of memories.

It’s that moment in the event when sight and sound combine to offer something wondrously new, an experience to collect the crowd up in united elation.

For our clients, it’s the culmination of all their hopes and dreams for the day. They’ll have no lingering question marks. In the lead-up to the moment they’ll have been assured in our ability to deliver a creative and innovative experience. Then, in this moment, they’ll feel proud of their choice.

The exclamation point is when everything goes to plan. When that moment arrives, when eyes widen and smiles break open, that’s what we live for.

From the opening sentence of our initial presentation until the final full stop of packdown, nothing drives us with greater energy and focus than the opportunity to create these points.